ACRE Land Surveyors

Jonathan J. Tabas, PE, PLS

Jonathan Tabas founded ACRE Engineers & Land Surveyors in 1983.

During the past three decades, Mr. Tabas fine tuned the practice to serve the needs of homeowners, residential builders working for homeowners, real estate professionals, legal professionals and property managers.

In many municipalities, building permits are required for even the smallest projects. Ordinances and building codes regulate setbacks from property lines, building coverage, impervious surface coverage, and changes to surface drainage and site grading. It may be necessary to include a Professional Engineer and/or Professional Land Surveyor in the design team of professionals a homeowner will hire to help complete a building project.

ACRE ENGINEERS & LAND SURVEYORS provides a complete array of consulting and design services to the property owner, including, but not limited to:

  • Boundary Surveys, to mark out the location of property lines for a parcel of land
  • As-built Surveys, to provide existing location of buildings and improvements on a property
  • Topographic Surveying, to show ground contours & elevations for drainage and grading
  • Site Development Plans for proposed construction, including Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control Plans
  • Pool Grading Plans
  • Flood Elevation Certificates and Applications to FEMA for a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA)
  • Structural Design and Consultation for building projects

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